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Stonehenge Facts and History

stonehenge facts

Stonehenge Facts and History

The Stonehenge mystery of the United Kingdom is one of the most heard tourism places on earth. The Stonehenge is nothing but a group of pillar like stones arranged in a certain way of correlation. However, even today people do not know the real purpose of the Stonehenge and there are several theories relating to it.

Some people think that it was a place of worship and people considered this arrangement of stones as gods. Another theory was that this could be a burial sight for prominent people during the ancient civilization. However, there are only a few stones at this place, so this theory is not well accepted. Some others believe that druids were responsible for laying the stones with the intention of worshipping them. However, this theory too is rubbished as the druids were known to worship in forest temples. The most accepted theory is that the Stonehenge was built in the late Neolithic era and this construction continued when the Beaker people took up the cause.

Today, it is widely accepted that the Stonehenge may have been constructed more than five thousand years ago. The blue stones came from Prescelly Mountains that was located in Wales and was nearly 250 miles away. It could have been dragged by land or they could have been brought in by river rafts. The outer ring of the Stonehenge is made of Marlborough Downs, which was located twenty miles away.

Stonehenge history is considered to be one of the UK’s greatest treasures, but its original purpose is still covered in mystery. Therefore, these monoliths could have been used for any purpose – an observatory to see the stars, a burial ground for the elite or even a place of worship.